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libmousetrap is an LGPL'ed C library to create and manipulate mousetrap buffers in system memory. Mousetrap buffers are compressed two dimensional cartesian grids with integer precision. A mousetrap buffer retains an integer identifier for every point in the grid, so that later the identifier can be referenced with a set of (x, y) coordinates.


Well, when you're doing graphics programming and somebody clicks something with the mouse, all you get is the x and y location where the click was, and what mouse button they pressed. With the x and y location, all you can really get is the color of the pixel they clicked on, which doesn't tell you what *thing* on the screen they clicked on. There are lots of different ways to determine in your program what thing was clicked on, this library is one of them.


Libmousetrap 0.6.1 SDL bugfix release

Version 0.6.1 has been released. This release fixes a really silly but really nasty bug, I called the function to create mousetraps out of SDL surfaces with the flags and the id parameters mixed up.

Pymousetrap 0.6.0 Release

Visit the Pymousetrap page for details.

Libmousetrap 0.6.0 Release, 'The maroon release'

Version 0.6.0 is available on the downloads page. This release adds functionality that gives and requires identifiers for each buffer created. The names of global items(typedefs and flags) were made more specific so that name collisions were less likely to happen.

Pymousetrap Initial Release.

Visit the Pymousetrap page for details. Version 0.5.0 is available on the downloads page.

Initial Release.

Version 0.5.0 is available on the downloads page. This release supports SDL surfaces for generating mousetraps.
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